Thrifting With Purpose

We love thrifting!

Well, ok. Full disclosure...some of us love thrifting. Others of us *newbies* find it to be stressful. But we are learning new tricks everyday to make thrifting an exciting adventure of foraging through exotic fabrics and like-new staple pieces. For our readers that enjoy an afternoon of thrifting, brava! You have figured out tips and tricks of your own to make it an exciting scheduled event! For the rest of you that shudder with nervousness, here are our tips and tricks that we swear by when thrifting. May you try them, may you love them, and may you adopt them as your own. We promise, after you get the hang of it you will fall in love with thrifting too!

Tip #1: Keep A Running List

Let us clarify, this isn’t a list of items you want but rather a list of items you need. This list doesn’t have to be fancy (we like to keep ours in a note on our phones). Take a look around your home, is there any items you are needing lately? Storage containers for your flour and sugar? Add it to the list. Amateur dishwasher unloader keeps breaking your drink ware?.... *eye-roll*.... add it to the list. Winter is coming and you need boots? Add it to the list. When you enter the thrift shop it will be easier navigating an *often* overwhelming store if you know exactly what you are looking for.


Tip #2: Shop Seasonally

Much like traditional stores, shop for your items seasonally. You probably won’t have as much luck finding swimsuits in January as you would in June or July.


Tip #3: Thrift Often

Thrift stores are constantly getting new items in. We would recommend checking with your local thrift store to see if they restock areas at certain times of the day or week. Most stores restock periodically throughout the week so shopping for particular items would be most successful if you visit often! If you do find out when your store restocks, plan on shopping then.

Tip #4: Venture to the Back

Check the back racks near changing rooms when shopping for clothing! Many of these items have already been found and deemed “worthy”. They are usually in style and of good quality.


Tip #5: Dress the Part

It’s not unusual to visit a thrift store with no changing rooms. In this event, it would be helpful to wear the right outfit to quickly try on items amongst the racks. We suggest leggings and a fitted top or sweatshirt that is easy to pull on and off.


Tip #6: Be Brave!

Check clothes carefully but don’t be afraid to alter them mildly to fit your needs and style! Repainting is a quick and easy way to bring new life to an older piece of furniture. Adding buttons to skirts or embroidery to t-shirt’s could bring modern style to an outdated item. Dyeing cotton fabrics, cutting jeans to create cutoffs or chopping sweaters for crop-tops are all great ideas to make that thrifted find exactly what you want.

Yes, it takes a couple practice runs to really get the hang of thrift shopping but its worth the thrill and the feeling the excitement after finding that treasure never gets old!

A few fun resources to help get you in the mood are HERE as well as HERE. The app ThriftBuddy is another awesome resource that lets you check for vintage labels and look up brands of the items you buy.

Now go! Happy Thrifting!