Spring Forward

Blog No. 15

Written by Brey Fuhrmann and edited by Justice Fuegen for Sharktooth Living

Smell that? Us to! SPRING IS COMING!

It’s finally time to open the windows, brush off the dust, and swap out those oversized (and ethically sourced) sweaters for light tops and Birkenstocks. We love spring and even though the spring cleaning aspect of the season isn’t always a fan favorite, we wanted to share our favorite ways to get you and your home ready for the warmer weather and sunshine days. From personal tricks to good maintenance habits on your home, we have you covered!

When cleaning, we urge you to seek out A+ cleaning products. Think environmentally friendly, health conscious, and in biodegradable or reusable containers. Common Good, PUR Home, Blueland, and ECOS are great brands for purchased cleaners.  They all offer reusable or biodegradable, packaging, they are sustainably sourced, and some even use 100 percent essential oils. But don’t forget about the power of home-made cleaners. Cleaning staples in our homes are vinegar, lemon, baking soda, and water. Essential oils are an added fresh scent but aren't necessary when cleaning on a budget. A great all purpose cleaner contains one part water and one part white vinegar; add lemon rind for added cleaning and fresh scent! A great kitchen cleaner that helps with grime while also acting as a deodorizer is made by mixing 4 Tablespoons of baking soda with 1 quart of warm water. See? Cheap and easy! Pro Tip: add unused orange or lemon rind to homemade cleaners for their added benefits and deliciously fresh scent!

Now, let's talk about what exactly should be cleaned and freshened up. Two big items that should be done before things start blooming and rain starts pouring are cleaning gutters and replacing filters in the home. Rain gutters accumulate a lot of crud. Mud, leaves, and animal debris are just a few things that get clogged. Flooding isn’t usually a goal most people hope to achieve as home owners so a great way of preventing this is by cleaning out the gutters. Spring brings a lot of rain and that rain needs a clear space to properly drain around your property. 

Most filters should be replaced every 3-6 months but let's be real, does anyone actually have it together enough to stay on this king of schedule? We sure don’t. Maybe we can’t tell you exactly when the last time we changed out our filters was, but we can for certain say that every spring our water, air vent, and range filters get swapped for a clean set.  

 While we are on the topic of vents, don’t forget to clean out and around any foundation vents and dryer vents!

Spring is a great time to get little odd items checked off your list. Testing smoke detectors around the home, wiping down outdoor patio furniture, and cleaning the BBQ grill are also great items to add to your spring cleaning checklist!

Aside from cleaning, there are also some personal items to get ourselves ready for spring! Number one on that list is packing away our cold weather clothing items and breaking out the capris, shorts, and short sleeve tops! At Sharktooth, we enjoy storing our seasonal items in storage totes to be kept away until next year. The totes keep out dust mites and moisture and are a space saving option for seasonal clothing. We also take this time to evaluate unwanted and unworn clothing that has been kept in the closet far too long. Here is a little trick we have learned over the last few seasons: keep all clothing items hung on hangers, opening of the hanger facing you. When you wear a garment, re-hang it with the hanger opening facing away from you. At the end of the year, it is easy to see what hasn’t been worn by seeing which hangers are still in their correct position. Once you know what items are no longer in your outfit rotation, you can donate to shelters, or trade them in for new seasonal items from consignment shops and friend swaps.

Our most favorite spring to-do list item is garden prepping! This is the time to check that your fencing is intact to keep out pests, all soil is properly tilled, and seedlings are planted indoors. But don’t get too excited, we advise planting all outdoor seedlings and established plants after mothers day to be safe from late freezes.

We are no experts in the spring cleaning department, but we do know the upbeat and hopeful feeling of the season and enjoy getting ourselves ready to bring on the warm weather. We hope this blog has helped you decide what to add to your spring cleaning "To Do" list, or at least gave you something to think about while we impatiently wait for summer.

Happy Spring!