So, where CAN you shop?

With all the facts Sharktooth has thrown at you, we felt it was about time we provide you all with a list of references! Fast fashion has clearly been proven to need a fix but many of us don’t really know what direction to begin that journey of repair. Yes, we can do an internet search, but what we choose to believe is so important. So here is a compiled list of safe places to shop and possible warning signs when choosing new retailers to support.


Warning Signs

A company should proudly state their intentions. Afterall, if they are being ethically and morally responsible there should be no reason not to disclose certain facts about their company. Let’s say you found a new online store but aren’t sure if they support or fight against fast fashion. Step one is to search for the company’s mission statement. If they are fighting the good fight against fast fashion they most likely prove it in writing. Step two, if a company can’t confidently tell you where they source their materials from, get concerned. This is pretty basic information. How about organic and eco friendly material? Does the website mention using sustainable products or recycled materials? How about fair trade or safe and fair labor practices? Maybe GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified? All of these questions should be answered easily on the website. If all you can find is cheap price tags and common sales tactics- it’s most likely not a company to purchase from.


We want to stress the importance of simply buying LESS. By purchasing better quality items, you are able to buy less items. And by purchasing less items you are not only supporting the fight against fast fashion but you are helping out the planet by limiting your contribution to the landfills. Try to think bigger than yourself and that moment of expenditure.  And no, purchasing an item or clothing with the promise to donate later doesn’t count as a good deed! Earth has taken a serious toll for us. Between overuse of our resources like coal and water to manufacture clothing and polluting our outfits with toxic dyes and plastics, we could really use a change.


Safe Bets

Thrifting and up-cycled styles are the BEST! Why? Well, they have lasted longer than the standard fast fashion clothing item so that’s always a good indication they are made of quality materials. But also because buying an item that has already been made completely eliminates any of the disastrous steps to manufacture an entirely new outfit. Look for up-cycled or vintage shops both online and in town. Checking out thrift stores in your area is a great way to live intentionally and support your community. Another option is seeking out companies that up cycle and/or recycle. The difference being that UPcycling is using whole pieces of existing garments and REcycling is taking waste (or broken down clothing) and turning it into something useful like new material. Below are a few companies that proudly upcycle and/or recycle their products.



If you must buy new, try these companies below. They are known for using organic, eco friendly, and sustainable materials. Some companies even use recycled materials (yay Girlfriend Collective!)



At the end of the day, it’s not hard to live intentionally. But it is a choice. It is something you must choose today, tomorrow, and even the days after. Choosing to buy your clothing from a thrift store might not seem like the popular option but it’s the fair and just option. No matter how daunting the task of conquering fast fashion seems, it is something that is achievable! Happy shopping! We hope this list made it that much easier for you!