Pop On Over!

Blog Issue No. 14

Written by Brey Fuhrmann and edited by Justice Fuegen for Sharktooth Living

‘Tis the season!

It’s that time of year when everybody and their neighbor our shopping endlessly for their loved ones in hopes of finding the perfect gift before the holiday season hits. With everything to buy, many people resource out to cheaper options. We get it. Trust us when we say we totally understand your tight budget. But also trust us when we say that the world has bigger problems than saving $5.99 on a cute sweater for Suzy. I

t’s important to remember the little guys during this time and not forget about who and how our products are being produced! After all, the locally owned businesses have families to support and can produce products ethically and with clear morals. Some of the even smaller businesses lack a storefront and count on the success of online sales (hello Sharktooth!)

Here at Sharktooth, we give a lot of love to our online store but fully enjoy our pop-up sales! If you haven’t been to a pop-up event you're missing out! The energy during pop-up events is always fun and exciting and we personally always leave these types of events with a new friend. Sometimes pop-ups are even the most profitable experience for us. We're able to see many customers at a time instead of one or two “passerby’s” through our online store.


Online shopping is fun too, but there’s something to say about an in-person shopping experience. Getting to share your story with someone and listen to their’s is a type of social connection many people aren’t used to these days. It’s common for many of us to take for granted our ability to converse with people face-to-face. This years unexpected pandemic experience has shown us how very much we need that social experience. It also gives us a chance to meet those customers that we otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to know! It’s so much more personal when we can put a face to that name! We might have regulars on our store online but it’s different getting to thank you in person.

We also love that there's no surprises with pop-up sales! Saw a super cute sweater online and ordered it hoping it would fit? At a pop-up, you don’t have that problem. We love it when our customers find something cute and try it on to make sure it’s the perfect fit. We want you to love the item that you purchased! Otherwise, what’s the point of that purchase? 


We do local pop-ups frequently! Current frequent flying locations are Pure Bean Coffeehouse and Hippie Haven in Downtown Rapid City, as well as the Barn at Aspen Acres in Spearfish, SD. If you love supporting local and enjoy meeting new people with passions and drives similar to your own, make a point to seek out a pop-up event. If you are interested in hosting a pop-up event in your own small business or event space, email us at jasharktooth@gmail.com!

Happy pop-up shopping!