Made You Smile!

Blog Issue No. 13

Written by Brey Fuhrmann and edited by Justice Fuegen for Sharktooth Living

I think we can all agree that the world is lacking kindness lately. With 2020 hosting a worldwide pandemic and the days-long presidential nightmare that we all recently endured, we are confident the general consensus is that we are ready for the new year to begin! And while we agree it’s been a tough year, we also can confidently say that it could have been much worse. Even though it seems hard to find a pick-me-up during these times, that isn’t going to stop us from trying!

 We hope our upcoming list brings at least a small smile to your face during this crap-tastic pandemic! So without any more hesitation, we present our top five favorite moments of 2020:

#1 MF Tiger King

Why do we love this show so much?! If you haven’t watched this show you are missing out. For real. Missing out. This documentary has it all; comedy, romance, horror, drama, possible murderer who fancy’s sardine oil. Aside from the actual show, it brought laughter and conversation between people. It even inspired Halloween costumes. It gave us a reason to giggle when times were tough as we were stuck at home in our sweatpants*.

*It’s also worth mentioning that our favorite moment of 2020 #1.5 is the fact that sweatpants and t-shirts has become acceptable attire, and dare we say even preferable fashion staples.*


#2 Forced slow living

It’s ok if you don’t want to admit it, but being stuck at home does have its perks. Many of us made good use of our time by picking up old and new hobbies and finishing that book we started last year. We finished prolonged household projects, got in touch with family members we never had time to check in on, and made many batches of cookie dough and dozens of loaves of bread.

If nothing else, most of us were entertained by the addicting world of TikTok. Sure, maybe we gained a little weight. But we are grateful for being forced to slow down and enjoy life. It can be so difficult to stop and enjoy the moment when so much of the world is planning for the future. If we are constantly waiting for the next thing, we will eventually just be waiting to die. No thanks. Now that the world is starting to resume and pick up speed again, don’t forget to enjoy today and slow down a bit.


#3 Animal love

With so many people stuck at home with nowhere to be and nothing to do, pet adoptions and pet fostering became not only possible but necessary! Animals offered comfort and company to many people during the early days of quarantine and continue to help manage and maybe even prevent(?) depression. The best part is the fact that many animals left lonely kennels for loving, comfortable homes!


#4 Crayola became all inclusive.

Crayola *finally* introduced a Colors of the World skin tone box. The box includes 24 shades of skin ranging from extra light almond to deepest almond and every shade in-between. This color release was definitely long over due, but we are grateful for it nonetheless. Given the state of the world and the ongoing hate people of color continue to endure, this Colors of the World box is a teeny step in the right direction when educating the current and upcoming generations. If you have kids or just like to color, you NEED To buy this crayon box!


#5 Real life heroes appeared 

Healthcare workers are finally being recognized as heroes; no offense professional athletes and mega superstars. As if health care workers and other essential workers didn’t already put in extra long hours, they are certainly working over time now. They sacrifice much more than time including their own health. Many times forgoing sleep, making memories with their own families, and taking care of their own physical and emotional needs, healthcare and essential workers sacrifice a lot for someone they have never met before. We wish we could do more to show our appreciation but for now all we can do is say thank you. So, THANK YOU.  

Assuming you have the time, think about your top 5 moments of 2020 and try and accept that even though times may be hard, it could be so much worse. Maybe the best thing this year was a drive-by “birthday party”. FUN! No matter what it is, be grateful to celebrate the little things. Breath. Everything will be ok. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even in 2021. But you will make it out stronger than before. So today, spread kindness and take the hard moments one step at a time.

Much Love. Oh, and smile!