An Afternoon with Sharktooth Living; Embracing Slow-Fashion.

Written by Charlotte Thomas- 
Sharktooth Living in an intentional living company that I have recently partnered with. Several years ago, Justice Fuegen, Sharktooth's founder, attended an anti-trafficking school that confirmed her passion for justice for the forgotten. After learning about human-trafficking and forced labour within the textile and fashion industries, her heart became heavy for the men, women, and children held captive to first world greed. After extensive research and months of schooling, Justice found that a great way to advocate for systematic change in these industries was to stop purchasing from unethical companies. 


When Justice contacted me about working in partnership with Sharktooth, I was ecstatic; the opportunity to work with a brand that holds the same ethos is for me an ideal collaboration. In fact, the only collaboration I would every consider is one that aligns with myself both ethically and morally. Sharktooth exists out of a desire to see a radical change in the fashion industry. After several public speeches about fast fashion and the connection to human trafficking, Justice realised she needed to do more than just talk about it. Sharktooth at its heart is about action and education. 

That is why I want to talk to you today about healthy purchasing habits, how we can integrate “slow-fashion” in to or daily lives without being drawn back into the convenience of fast fashion.

So what is Slow-Fashion?


Slow fashion is a choice, a choice that we should all be considering. It is purchasing items that have less environmental impact and less negative social impact. Slow fashion is fundamentally a more humane option. It means embracing the hand-me-downs, shopping pre-loved and second-hand, and mindfully trying to avoid “fast fashion”. Slow fashion is compositional; it consists of many elements; longevity, sustainability, integrity and responsibility.

It enables us as consumers to hold ourselves responsible for the garments we purchase. Allowing us to question the quality of the product. Slow-fashion teaches us to look at clothing in a new light; it removes the instant gratification that fast fashion offers and instead takes us to a level of enjoyment. It provides a level of more profound connection with the products we purchase, allowing dressing our bodies in clothing that doesn’t have harming effects to communities, ecosystems,or individuals to be easily accessible.

“It enables us as consumers to hold ourselves responsible for the garments we purchase.”


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How to embrace Slow-Fashion?

The convenience of fast fashion is an appeal, the instant gratification that it provides fits into our modern, fast lives ideally. Yet pulling ourselves away from these companies and this form of consumption gives way to a much more gratifying and soul comforting level of purchasing that allows us to embrace slower, more ethical products. Not feeling guilt for our purchasing habits, reducing overspending and replacement of low-quality items.

Here are some key ways to embrace Slow Fashion in faster times |

Look to charity shops/thrift shops

Going to second-hand stores is an ideal way to shop slower, you are already purchasing second hand, pre-loved goods with the bonus of the money you spend going to charitable causes. When thrifting look out for items that appeal to you, that are still in good shape, and you can imagine yourself wearing frequently.

Grow a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a smaller trove of items in comparison to the packed closets most of us own in modern times. A capsule wardrobe keeps cost and clutters down by focusing on only trying to collect minimal, adaptable and high-quality pieces that can be worn in multiple ways and can be mixed up to curate a variety of different outfits and styles.

“A capsule wardrobe keeps cost and clutter down by focusing on only trying to collect minimal, adaptable and high-quality pieces.”

Search for ethical brands who denounce fast fashion

Upon finding Sharktooth, I was delighted with their ethos and their passion when it came to mixing up the fashion industry. Look for brands who do the same, usually smaller businesses who hold social, environmental and ethical issues close to their hearts and strive to create positive waves within the fashion industry.

I hope this little introduction in to Slow-Fashion gives you a sparkle of inspiration in to changing up your buying habits. This is a topic i’m excited to delve in to more myself and grow my own knowledge alongside sharing it here. I want to say a huge thank you to Shark-tooth for partnering with me and I am so excited to be sharing more of their incredible products in the future!


C x